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Secret Sound

Secret Sound

Triple M's Secret Sound is back! 

For your chance to win cold hard cash, listen out to Cogho & Ez weekdays from 6!

Guess that sound correctly and the money is yours! Every time we play we're just one guess away from YOU taking the big cash! 

Do you know what it is? Listen in weekdays for clues and keep a look out across our Facebook and Instagram pages for visual clues!

Our secret sound's INCORRECT guesses starting from the 1st November 2018;

1. Opening coffee tin with spoon
2. Turning car aircon switch over to recycled air
3. Shutting bin lid
4. Emptying recycle bin on computer
5. Soft drink landing in bottom of vending machine
6. Bouncing basketball
7. Hole punch
8. Shutting an esky lid
9. Opening a milk carton
10. Using a Tennis ball machine
11. Dropping the lid on a skip bin
12. Putting money in a parking machine
13. The 2nd clunk after opening a soft drink
14. Driving over a speed hump
15. Automatic ball server
16. Throwing water bottle in bin
17. Throwing organic bag in bin
18. Throwing stubby in bin
19. Closing jewellery box
20. Closing lid of sandwich press
21. Hole punch
22. Putting a bottle in council recycle bin with a plastic entry point
23. Dropping lid of an organic bin
24. BBQ Spatula on BBQ
25. Closing lid of a pop top bottle
26. Car window closing
27. Pushing the lever on coffee pod machine
28. Opening and closing safe
29. Cupping (Massage)
30. Putting money into deposit box at a bank
31. Disposable coffee lid closing
32. Windscreen wiper hitting back on glass
33. Lawn bowls hitting each other
34. Putting straw in cup lid at maccas
35. Closing train door
36. Self-inking stamp
37. Opening fridge door
38. Hitting punching bag
39. Chopping something on chopping board
40. Dropping straw into a water bottle
41. Closing sliding glass door
42. Mic drop
43. Dropping coin into a barrel
44. Popping top of a water bottle
45. Ball hitting bin
46. Bottle landing after ‘flip trick’
47. Steel handles closing outdoor garbage bin
48. Pulling up seatbelt
49. Putting drink bottle in fridge door
50. Opening plastic bag

 Because we're so nice at Bendigo's 93.5 Triple M - here are all the clues to date;

29/10 - Find the clue here
30/10 - Refreshment
31/10 - Find the clue here
1/11 -  Find the clue here
2/11 - <song clue> Trains Drops of Jupiter

5/11 - Flipper
6/11 - BPA
7/11 - Find the clue here
8/11 - <song clue> Olivia Newton John, Physical
9/11 - Leaky

12/11 - Bendigo Fountain
13/11 - Find the clue here

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