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2GO's Secret Sound!

2GO's Secret Sound!


It could be anything! Terms and Conditions Apply.

Have your guess at 6 & 8 with Mandy & Rob Palmer, then all day while you work up until 4pm!

It's all thanks to ELN Ford, your award winning Ford dealer on Tuggerah Straight




1. Seatbelt being pulled
2. Opening a can of drink
3. Putting a key in & turning it
4. Cassette tape going into the cassette player in the car
5. Putting a seat belt on in the car
6. Stapler stapling into paper
7. Nut cracker cracking a nut
8. Loading a Pez Dispenser
9. Hole Puncher
10. Shaking a spray can 
11. Open lid of a bottle with a ceramic stopper with a metal flip
12. Removing a staple from paper
13. Opening a wrinkled tin of food
14. Opening a soft drink can with the clip on the top
15. Releasing a child restraint on a seat
16. Trying to start a wippa snippa
17. Coffee pod being locked into the coffee machine
18. U
ndoing a wine bottle and squeezing the cork out
19. Closing a stapler after reloading it
20. Clicking a seatbelt
21. Opening a canned drink with a ring pull
22. Tightening wheel nuts on your car
21. Putting on a rubber glove
22. Pulling a balloon
23. Opening the metal lid of a drink bottle
24. Cracking an egg in a bowl or fry pan
25. Somebody sticking a pen in a polystyrene package
26. Opening or closing the metal clasp/lever arch on the inside of a folder
27. Pulling the top off a can of Pringles chips
28. Is it a ring pull on the top of a beer bottle
29. Opening the lid on a soft drink bottle
30. Cracking an egg in a bowl or frying pan
31. Suction toy popping up and down
32. Flicking the top of a pen
33. Hungry hippo trying to eat a ball
34. Putting a printer cartridge in a printer
35. Pulling the ring pull off a can of food
36. A pepper grinder
37. A sticky tape dispenser 
38. Popping a pill from a blister pack
39. A party popper
40. Taking a photo with a digital camera
41. Pushing a controller on a hungry hippo
42. Putting a coin in a shopping trolley
43. Opening a ring pull can
44. A cassette tape being rewound and replayed again
45. Winding a glass jar around letting the pressure out
46. An electric handbrake
47. Popping the top off a tin of tennis balls
48. A pricing gun
49. An automatic air freshener spray
50. A hole punch
51. That thing you use to cover up your details on documents
52. Turning the ignition key in a car just before you turn it on the flicking noise just before it starts the ignition
53. Putting a plastic straw into a maccas drink lid and pulling it out
54. Pulling sticky tape off a dispenser
55. Coin return on a vending machine
56. A pair of nail clippers
57. Opening and closing the clasp on a suit case
58. A self inking stamp
59. A hand exerciser
60. Squeezing a plastic animal toy
61. Opening a vacuum sealed pack of tennis balls
62. Activating an electric stappler
63. Opening a beer can with the widget activating at the end
64. A fuel cap on an LPG car
65. The flint you strike when lighting an oxyacetylene torch
66. A
 seat belt click and clack
67. A hand held can opener
68. Putting a capsule pod into a coffee machine and making a cuppa
69. Changing the ink cartridge in a printer
70. Balloon Animal, twisting it and pulling the tail at the end
71. Using a car jack
72. A rubiks cube
73. Swiping a card to enter a hotel room
74. A hole punch
75. A paper hole punch
76. The buttons on a tape recorder fast forwarding a tape
77. The sound of an old roof coming off
78. The money dispenser on an ATM
79. Price Tag Gun
80. Releasing the end of a clicker pen
81. Changing a light globe
82. Clicking a seat belt on an aircraft
83. Someone pushing a button on a stop
84. A clothing hand gun used in department stores
85. The clicking dice of the board game Trouble
86. A self inking stamp
87. Attaching a spring to a bed
88. Putting a new blade on a razor
89. Shutter on a camera
90. Pushing the button on a spinning top toy
91. The suction cap dart on a toy gun
92. A lens autofocus on a camera
93. A manual credit card imprinter
94. Opening a wine bottle
95. A Dymo label maker
96. A view finder
97. Loading a nerf gun
98. Using a can puncher
99. Security tag being taken off clothing at the store
100. Sitting down/getting up off an office chair
101. A stapler
102. Collapsible string loaded toy statue
103. An old fashioned hand held leather hole punch
104. Pulling a piece of sticky tape out of a dispenser
105. An older jewellery box with side latches
106. Taking a photo with a disposable camera
107. Noise a printer machine makes when it's getting ready to print
108. Pop rivet gun
109. Locking a padlock and pulling on it to see if it's locked
110. A reel to reel tape deck
111. Opening and closing a bulldog clip
112. Automatic washroom soap dispenser
113. A hand held clicker
114. Taking a screenshot on a mobile phone
115. Opening a wine bottle with metal arms
116. Closing a briefcase lock
117. A pair of garden snippers
118. Taking the lid off a Chinese take away container
119. Indoor car locking system
120. Tradies Tape Measure
121. Locks on a shopping trolley
122. A hole punch
123. Retractable Car Keys
124. Pair of garden secateurs cutting a branch
125. A projector slide
126. Clipping a lead onto a dogs collar
127. Loading and shooting a nerf gun
128. Snapping a container off a yogurt multipack
129. Cutting the tape off a dymo labeller
130. Tap dancing shoes
131. Screwing the tape back into a VHS cassette tape
132. A nail gun
133. An aluminium can crusher
134. Clicking a battery cover back onto a remote
135. Releasing a mobile phone from the bracket attached to the windscreen
136. Getting a tablet out of a blister pack
137. Putting an elastic band around something
138. Changing discs in a multi stacker CD player or jukebox
139. Going through a turnstile
140. Opening and closing an airtight container
141. Releasing a security tag in a shop
142. Using a petrol pump - when it clicks off when your finished
143. Releasing a seatbelt in an aircraft
144. Taking off a latex glove
145. A pair of garden snippers
146. A doggie door opening and closing
147. Attaching and removing a security clothing tag
148. A manual button or badge press
149. A numbering or accounting stamp
150. Auto release catch on a cupboard
151. Pod Style Coffee Machine - putting pod in and pushing the lever down
152. The old fashion passport stamp when you push it down
153. Fastening a seat belt
154. Click on hose attachment
155. Opening a fold out chair
156. Opening and closing a child proof medicine bottle
157. Tearing and breaking a yogurt tub from a pack
158. A mouse getting caught in a mousetrap'
159. Sucking out air using a vacuum packing machine
160. Clicking your tongue to get a horse to go
161. Coffee pod machine
162. Training clicker for dogs
163. Using a petrol bowser pump
164. Clicking back and loading a nerf gun
165. Pulling dental floss out and snapping it off
166. A revolving hand leather punch
167. The noise the machine makes when you push the power button on an ipad
168. Pressing the button of the interior light in the car
169. Suction attachment for a GPS on a dash or windshield
170. Pressing down the button on a game of trouble
171. A self inking stamp
172. A bank deposit book stamper
173. Playing with thermal putty
174. A windscreen wiper blade
175. Opening then shutting a gate latch
176. Release of a ratchet strap
177. Opening the cover of a smoke alarm to change the battery
178. Changing the slide on a slide projector 
179. A soap dispenser
180. Removing cling wrap or foil from the roll
181. A no more gapping gun
182. A chicken or bird hatching out of an egg
183. Opening toothpaste and squeezing it'
184. The gun that attaches security tags to clothing in stores
185. Pulling a trigger on a corking gun
186. Opening a CD case
187. Pushing down the spacebar on a computer keyboard
188. Placing a coin in a shopping trolley
189. The security tag on an ice cream tub
190. Using a pop rivet gun
191. The locking mechanism on a briefcase
192. An old fashioned ticket punch
193. A VB or soft drink can opening
194. Breaking a plastic seal on a carton of coconut water or milk
195. A sticker gun applying a price tag
196. A staple gun
197. Turning a doorknob to open and shut
198. The sliding mechanism latch on a handbag
199. Opening a packet of Smiths chips
200. Inserting a cassette into a tape deck
201. Using a front door keyless entry
202. An auto dispensing air freshener
203. Biting into an apple
204. Lighting a gas gun lighter
205. Ejecting the cassette tape out of a car tape deck
206. Using a tape gun and putting it on a table
207. Screwing the lid back onto a fluid vacuum bottle
208. A hole punch
209. A self opening cupboard door
210. Locking or unlocking a window lock
211. Turning on and off a gas heater
212. Opening a can of Guinness beer
213. Ejecting a VHS tape
214. Electronic door lock
215. Jumping on a pogo stick
216. Putting money in a lollie dispenser and turning the knob
217. An ear piercing gun
218. Auto answering on a headset (that a receptionist wears)
219. Vending machine when it pops out your product down the bottom
220. Taking a mobile phone holder of the windscreen
221. Pulling the seal off from under the lid on a container of milk
222. When you press the button on a thermos
223. Snooker balls on the pool table when they hit into each other
224. A credit card slide imprinter
225. cracking an ice cube tray to get the ice out
226. Taking the re-sealable top off a champagne bottle
227. Locking your ski boots into your skiis
228. Taking your glasses off and folding the arms in
229. Releasing the seatbelt in a car
230. Squeezing a rubber ducky
231. Opening a new packet of tennis balls
232. Selecting a song on a jukebox
233. Screwing on the top of a baby bottle with a teet
234. Pulling a Wiltshire knife thru a sharpener
235. Soap or shampoo/body-wash pump pack
236. Putting a mop into a metal bucket and wringing it
237. Home brew kit lid machine that puts caps on bottles
238. A spring loaded sifter
239. Opening a safety baby gate
240. Putting a butane cylinder into a camp stove and clicking down to engage it
241. Capping your own home brewed beer
242. Transforming a transformer toy
243. Hand held wire stripper
244. Attaching a nozzle to a garden hose
245. A click clack sofa
246. A pair of secateurs
247. Releasing a ratchet strap
248. Putting parts together or taking apart a Dyson v11 vacuum
249. Snapping a block of cockroach bait
250. Turning the car ignition off and removing the key
251. The car key remote popping the key
252. An old style slide credit card machine
253. S
witching on an electric blanket and setting the temp
254. Screwing the lid on an aluminium bottle
255. Opening or shucking an oyster
256. Opening a sealed bottle of water
257. Cracking a glow stick
258. Pez Dispenser
259. Connecting a blue internet cable
260. The automatic air freshener when it goes off and it’s empty
261. Pushing the air conditioning button in and out in a car
262. Opening and closing a take away coffee cup lid
263. An office book binder
264. Opening or closing a shampoo bottle
265. A
n electronic 24hr timer
266. A Dymo labeller
267. Sticking the gas cylinder onto a soda stream
268. Tagging gun that attaches labels to clothing
269. Tying a knot in a balloon
270. Pill cutter
271. Ejecting you debit card from an atm
272. Lifting the lid off an ice cream container
272. Pressing the rubber button on a dolphin torch
273. Opening or closing a screen door
274. Twisting a rubik cube
275. Popping the middle ring to pop a CD out of a CD cover
276. Portable steering wheel lock
277. A nut cracker
278. Card going in and out of an ATM machine
279. Opening and closing a petrol flap on a car
280. An aluminium can crusher
281. Going through a turnstile
282. A seat belt clicking in and out
283. Jack in the box toy
284. Slide clip dispenser
285. Closing a wall safe
286. Locking or unlocking a metal toolbox on a tradie ute
287. Releasing the trigger on a silicone gun
288. An electric waffle maker
289. A pop rivet gun
290. Home air wick dispenser
291. Releasing a parking break in a car
292. Push button torch
293. Activation of the windshield washer in the car
294. The sound from the stalk when turning your indicator on and off
295. A kids activity centre jack in the box
296. A metal ice cream scoop
297. A speed camera
298. Turning on or off a tv
299. Pulling the gas lever on a chair or stool
300. A flying fox when it hits the end 
301. Screwing in the filler cap on a blender lid
302. A toy dog that does backflips
303. Pulling the trigger on a sealing gun
304. Unclicking an airplane seatbelt
305. Taking lid off a tub of butter or margarine
306. Putting the lid on a metal drink bottle
307. Pressing down the middle bit on a game of trouble
308. Press down on a biro pen and releasing it
309. Opening a new jar of vegemite
310. A car door handle
311. A car door handle
312. A retro address index
313. An old desk stapler pressed with no staples in it
314. P
ulling the tab open slowly on a soft drink can
315. Opening the locks on an old school case
316. A Dymo label maker
317. An ice cream scooper
318. Retractable power cord
319. Self inking stamp
320. A Bundy clock
321. A Pez dispenser
322. Pushing down a car console and clicking it open
323. When you release a squeaky toy
324. Changing gears on a bike
325. Adjusting the height on an office chair.
326. Taking off a radiator cap.
327. Taking the lid off a Kilner jar
328. Removing orange lid on ink cartridge
329. The magnet on a fly screen door when it closes
330. Igniting a gas BBQ
331. An Instamatic camera
332. A toy dog that barks and flips
333. Collapsing a stroller
334. Putting a suspension file into a filing cabinet.
335. Removing a pressure washer wand from a hose
336. Pushing the handle of pull along luggage up and down
337. The handle of a small suit case going up and down
338. Closing the lid on a re-usuable coffee mug
339. A viewfinder clicking through photos
340. A babushka doll
341. When the needle gets to the end of a record on a turntable
342. Pumping a liquid soap dispenser
343. Winding up and down a clothes line
344. Lifting the bonnet catch on a car
345. Changing the attachment on a food mixer  
346. Closing an automatic pop up umbrella
347. Old fashioned slide projector
348. T
ying a knot in the end of a balloon
349. A pair of scissors opening and closing
350. Unlocking a deadlock
351. Plugging a lead into a power socket
352. A slide projector
353. Opening a brief case
354. Clicking down the bread in a toaster
355. The needle test kit used to prick your finger for a blood test
356. A
 book binding machine
357. Peeling the packing tape off an online delivery parcel
358. A book binding machine
359. An ear piercing gun
360. A quick grip clamp
361. Clicking the button and releasing a handbrake on a car
362. Turning off a gas heater
363. Hand held dictaphone player
364. Biting into a crunchy apple
365. Kids toy slime putty 
366. A button on an automatic car gear lever
367. Opening a pushbutton microwave door
368. Using a staple remover
369. Loading and firing a nail gun
370. Opening and closing a car glove box
371. Putting you card into an ATM
372. Opening a tin can with a can opener
373. Closing the sunglasses compartment in a Ford Ranger
374. The central locking system on a car
375. A price gun
376. A diesel bowser when you fill your car up
377. Stapling the tied end of a balloon
378. Cracking an egg
379. Pulling back the hot wheels car on the track before you launch it
380. Changing the gears on a 10 speed bike
381. Locking a glass sliding door
382. O
pening a sliding glass door on a verandah
383. The original viewmaster
384. A viewfinder
385. Pressing the steam button on your iron
386. Pushing the dice in, in a game of headache
387. A pop rivet gun
388. Opening a portable CD player
389. Opening a plastic milk bottle.
390. Dymo labeller
391. A
n optometrist's lens machine
392. Closing a laptop
393. Winding film onto an old camera
394. Pushing a bike stand up and down
395. Cracking open a crab
396. Cutting a hedge with a hedge trimmer
397. Engaging or disengaging the child lock on a car door
398. Opening a 1.2 kilo tin of dog food
399. Cutting cardboard with a pair of scissors
400. A
 butter cutter
401. Adjusting the headrest on a car seat
402. Typing on an old computer keyboard
403. The harness lock on a safety ride
404. Hot glue gun
405. A sticky tape dispenser
406. A viewmaster
407. Cracking open a peanut shell
408. A recliner
409. Releasing a Nutri Bullet from its base
410. A bulldog clip
411. Opening a car glovebox
412. Magnetic kitchen pantry doors
413. Twisting an ice cube tray
414. A bike pump
415. Pulling the legs up or down on an ironing board
416. Opening a tape deck
417. An ear piercing gun
418. A solder sucker for electrical components
419. Puckering your lips
420. A pull cord light
421. A pickup grab stick
422. A children's projector camera
423. A cuckoo clock with the bird coming out
424. Clicking the button to open an umbrella
425. A foot pedal on a sewing machine
426. Twisting the lid on a glass jar
427. Setting a plastic mousetrap
428. Squeezing a plastic sauce satchel
429. Locking and loading a stick vacuum
430. An ear piercing gun
431. Pressing the automatic toaster up button
432. Pushing the button to cross at traffic lights
433. Taking something out of plastic packaging
434. Popping the boot latch on your car
435. Taking the plastic cover off a disposable razor
436. Squeezing the trigger of a spray bottle
437. Releasing the latch on a suitcase or brief case
438. Old school answering machine
439. Opening or closing a padlock
440. A garlic crusher
441. Putting a petrol cap back on your car
442. Unlatching a corking gun and replacing a tube in a silicon
445. Clicking a ball point pen
446. Changing the battery on a power tool
447. Releasing the button on an electric kettle
448. Popping bubble wrap
449. Squashing a plastic water bottle
450. A dentist's clicker used to put a filling in place
451. Pulling the handle up on a squeeze mop
452. Opening a Berocca bottle
453. Clicking a computer mouse
454. Pushing the button to turn on the computer
455. Unlocking the glass panel on the back of an SUV
456. A bicycle pump
457. Clicking the hard cover off a mobile phone
458. Unlatching the safety latch on a fire arm
459. An old fashion ice cream scoop
460. A tally counter
461. Pressing the button on a vacuum to retract the chord
462. Racing bike changing gears
463. A trigger gun that removes security tags
464. A counter
465. Popping a throat lozenge out of it’s foil package
466. Pulling a cup out of a dispenser for a water cooler
467. Cordless phone being put back in it’s caddy
468. Main switch on an electrical switchboard
469. Tape dispenser gun
470. Turning off a brand new iPhone
471. The button you press to turn on your hazard lights
472. Putting a cassette into a cassette player and zeroing the counter
473. Slide button for interior light in car
474. Latch on a safety gate
475. A seatbelt in a car
476. Putting the lid on a thermos
477. A telephone address index
478. Unscrewing the lid on a child proof medicine bottle
479. Milking a snake
480. Cracking open a twist top bottle
481. Releasing the lever to open the petrol flap on a car and closing it
482. Opening an old school soft drink can - push small button first then the big button to open it
483. Opening the CD tray on a laptop
484. Putting the key in a deadlock
485. Shutting a cool room door
486. Filling up a car from a LPG bowser
487. A pop rivet gun
488. A sweetener dispenser
489. Wire strippers or crimpers
490. Using a hand strengthener
491. Attaching or detaching a lens on a camera
492. Returning a shopping trolley
493. Cigarette lighter in a car
494. Opening and closing a petty cash tin
495. Opening a jam jar
496. Opening a locker in a change room
497. Using a keycard to get into 2GO or the studio
498. Dishwasher door closing
499. Turning on or off a reel to reel tape deck

500. Breaking the foil seal on a bottle of wine
501. Putting a cassette into a Dictaphone and closing the lid
502. Squeezing the duck toilet gel applicator
503. Locking the toilet or bathroom door behind you
504. A velcro magnetic fly screen that clicks
505. Opening a fly screen door
506. Opening or closing a banana chair
507. Opening the attached lid on a kettle
508. Turning an electric blanket on and off
509. Clicking a colour down on a multicolour ballpoint pen
510. Bird call
511. A heated hair straightener
512. Tightening the child restraint in a carseat
513. A set of headphones that fold up
514. Using a salt or pepper grinder
515. Adjusting a mic stand and locking it in
516. Snapping apart a yoghurt multi-pack
517. Opening and closing a glasses case
518. Punching holes in paper with a Hole Puncher
519. Changing a light globe
520. A Dymo Labeller 
521. Opening or closing an oven door
522. A paper guillotine
523. An 8 track player skipping to the next track
524. Opening a tin of tennis balls
525. A pair of tongs
526. Putting the sides up on a hospital bed
527. Pushing the keys on an old typewriter
528. Opening a Dyson v9 to empty the dust
529. A pair of pliers opening and closing
530. A pinball machine
531. Clothing label gun
532. The arms on your glasses when you fold them down
533. A pepper grinder
534. Putting the needle onto a record
535. Pushing the push start button on or off in a car
536. Pushing the button on an alarm clock to turn it off or on
537. A crab cracker
538. The clips that open an esky
539. A remote control garage door opener
540. A tie down ratchet strap for a ute
541. A retractable USB retracting into itself
542. An old credit card swipe machine
543. Making a button badge in a press
544. Opening a hotel door with a magnetic card key
545. Closing a CD case
546. Putting the lid back on a lipstick
547. A pair of bypass ratchet loppers
548. A spring form cake tin
549. Snapping the lid back on a biro/pen
550. Turning your indicator on and off
551. Inserting or Taking out a memory card on a camera
552. Putting safety lock handles on a box trailer
553. An automatic air-freshener dispenser
554. A date stamp
555. Perpetual flip desk calendar
556. Opening and closing the door on a dryer
557. A hand held sewing machine
558. Pushing the seat belt button in and out
559. A Rubiks cube
560. Changing the battery on a drill
561. Quick Grip Clamp
562. Opening a pack of biscuits with a pair of scissors
563. A popamatic game where you push the button in the middle of the game
564. Locking and Unlocking a padlock
565. Opening and closing a plastic zip lock bag
566. Opening and closing a fridge or freezer
567. Dropping a set of keys onto a wooden floor
568. An automatic hand sanitiser
569. Hole Punch
567. Flashing high beams in the car
568. Opening or closing the metal clip inside a folder
569. Opening or closing the door on a front loader washing machine
570. Turning on a pedestal fan
571. A caterpillar chewing on a leaf
572. Snapping a stick in half
573. A body building exercise machine
574. Venetian blinds hitting the wall in a breeze
575. Opening and closing touch button cupboard doors
576. Electric push button to open a tailgate on a car
577. A cube flash camera
578. Replacing a fly screen in a window
579. Pushing down a button on a soda stream
580. R
esetting a razor and pulling it out of the packet
581. Attaching the beater to a mixmaster
582. Opening and closing a stanley knife
583. Adjusting a seat belt in a ford
584. Releasing plastic security top off the bottle of alcohol
585. Turning off the screen on a mobile phone
586. The reverse button on a drill
587. Wire stripping gun
588. Clicking your fingers like on The Adams Family
589. Walking in rubber thongs and dragging your feet
590. A fruit or veg dicer slicer chopper
591. Putting a foot rest up on a chair
592. The ticket machine at a carpark boom gate
593. Opening and closing a pill box
594. An electric hand break on a hybrid car
595. Putting a coin in a parking meter
596. Opening a can of sardines
597. Opening a letter
598. Putting the canister back onto a dyson vacuum
599. Pushing the button to open or close a microwave door
600. Opening a blind
601. Turning a TV on or off
602. Tomato sauce plastic click back satchel - fold it and sauce comes out
603. Opening an oyster
604. Turning the dispenser on a gum ball machine
605. Opening a single serve milk
606. Adjusting the speed on a ceiling fan wall control
607. An old collapsable toy
608. Tightening a ratchet strap
609. A Tide pod popping
610. An extension arm/claw
611. Opening and losing a lid of tin mints
612. Snapping a banana off the bunch

613. A Plectrum Cutter
614. Putting a film in an old school camera
615. Inserting or removing a battery from a laptop using the latch
616. A trigger loaded asthma puffer
617. An air foot pump
618. The volume dial on a car air con
619. Extending the legs on a camping table and chairs
620. Guillotine cutting paper
621. Cable tie cutting gun
622. Doing up a ratchet strap
623. Cocking a gun
624. Garden secateurs cutting a plant
625. Pushing the pedestrian button at traffic lights
626. A washing machine ending it's cycle
627. Ejecting a cassette from an old video cassette camera
628. Hitting the button on a brush-o-matic clothes brush to turn the head around and click back in
629. Large water pistol - super soaker
630. Pressing the coin return on a vending machine
631. A sticker labelling gun
632. Glass suction carrier
633. A kitchen cabinet latch
634. A post office paid stamper
635. Jumping on a trampoline
636. Glad wrap being pushed into place by a container lid
637. A pogo stick
638. Shuffling a pack of cards
639. Removing and putting on the head of an electric shaver
640. Opening or closing a car drink tray
641. Undoing clothing with a press stud
642. Turning a knob on a stove or oven
643. A ratchet strap on a truck
644. A bottle capper capping bottles
645. A MasterFoods sauce squeeze portion
646. Plastic latch like those on a backpack
647. Clicking on interior light inside a car
648. Shaking a toothpick out of the plastic container
649. Hand held gas igniter
650. A cassette tape changing sides in an auto reverse Walkman
651. Pushing open an emergency exit door
652. A balloon being tied and running ur finger along it
653. A push button door knob lock
654. Locking the lid of a Thermomix into place
655. Attaching and removing a rechargeable battery from a Makita power tool
656. Can opener - the type you use to punch a hole in a can
657. Lounge opening up to a double bed
658. A stand on lamp where you turn it on and off
659. Closing the lid on an otto bin
660. Opening or closing a can of deodorant
661. Twisting the lid off a monster energy drink bottle
662. Opening a mailbox at home or the P.O
663. Opening a single serve plastic sauce or salad dressing sachet
664. Turning on a bedside table lamp
665. Corking gun
667. Pulling a door handle leaver down on a front door
668. Opening a packet of sushi
669. Tieing up a helium ballon after releasing from a gas cylinder
670. The end of the washing machine cycle
671. A curling wand
672. Latching down the lid on an esky
673. A tape bag sealer
674. Piercing a microwave meal with a fork
675. Dolphin torch turning off or on
676. The side of a child's cot going up or down clicking into place
677. Shifting gears in an automatic car
678. A Coles sticky being stuck to a surface and pulled off again
679. A stress ball being squeezed
680. Pressing play on a tape recorder then rewind
681. Putting the footbrake on a stroller
682. An electric window in a car
683. An electronic desk stapler
684. Adjusting the setting on a pool sand filter
685. Putting a boat on a trailer and strapping it down
686. Putting on a rubber glove
687. Putting in and pulling out a USB charger
688. Setting up a mouse or rat trap
689. Old fashion monkey toy that claps it hands and squeeks
690. Screwing off/on a coffee jar lid
691. Hanging up the receiver on a public telephone
692. Clicking the lid on and off on a Nutri Ninja
693. Putting on a ski/ski boot
694. A tradies spring loaded car key clip
695. Shooting a rubber dart and it sticks to the wall
696. A squeaky toy that does a backflip
697. A Newton's cradle
697. Opening a canister of tennis balls
698. Pet nail clippers
699. One of the kids doing a flip on a skateboard
700. Loading a battery into a remote
701. A child jumping on a pogo stick
702. Cracking a glow stick
703. A pair of secateurs cutting thru something
704. Putting a file or doc on ur computer into the desktop recycling bin
705. A fly swatting gun
706. Snapping a plastic glow-stick
707. Fire lighter being pushed out of it's packet
708. Pushing down a lever on a lever arch file
709. Unclipping or unzipping a bag or suitcase
710. Opening a tin of baked beans
711. Clicking the legs into place on a portable gazebo
712. Flipping open a metal breath mint tin
713. A carousel projector changing slides
714. Breaking a stick or twig
715. Breaking chocolate
716. Plugging a usb cord into a usb socket
717. A Parking meter printing a parking ticket
718. An automatic bin lid being opened
719. An old school aluminium can crusher
720. A push and pop bottle opener
721. A self inking rubber stamp
722. A party whistle streamer
723. Putting a piece of paper through a fan
724. Pressing play, rewind or fast forward the stop on a cassette player
725. A hatchling hatching
726. Pushing down a locking tab to activate a flee bomb
727. Breaking candy coated chocolate
728. Opening a fly screen door
729. Releasing the pin of a fire extinguisher
730. Releasing a spring loaded umbrella
731. A polaroid camera taking a pic
732. Clicking the mouse on a laptop or computer
733. An old style spring loaded toilet roll holder
734. Pushing the dice bubble in board game 'Trouble'
735. Squeezing and releasing the trigger of aa water pistol
736. Clicking a pair of chopsticks together
737. Hitting the buttons on a calculator
738. Putting a plug in a sink
739. Closing the gate on a rabbit hutch
740. An old credit card machine
741. Putting the snap lock on or off a preserve jar
742. Changing an effect mid play on a guitarists effects pane
743. The activator instrument that chiropractors
744. Safety Latch on a pool gate
745. Duck suction disk applicator that you put inside the toilet bowl
746. The machine putting a lid on a bottle of home brew
747. Turning on or off a computer tower
748. Opening the dishwasher and putting the tablet in
749. Removing or putting back a roll of plumbers tape back in the plastic case
750. Lifting the lever up on a coffee pod machine after you've finished making a coffee
751. Sticking a battery operated LED light in your kitchen or linen press
752. Going through a speed camera and it clicking
753. Metal clip paper binder
754. Label maker cutting a label
755. Opening or closing an 80's walkman
756. Putting coins in a payphone
757. Removing the hubcap off an old ford
758. Closing the bonnet on a car
759. Opening the tablet door on a dishwasher
760. Taking the cap off a highlighter pen and highlighting something
761. Opening and closing a studio door at 2GO
762. Putting a straw through the lid on a McDonald's Slurpee
763. Pressing and releasing the volume button on a mobile phone
764. Clicking a castanet
765. Unbuckling a seat belt on a aeroplane
766. Putting the groceries on a conveyor belt at a supermarket
767. Using a remote or lever to open a car boot
768. Putting a cassette into a stereo and closing it
769. Taking the cap off a sports drink bottle
770. Pooper Scooper
771. Using an electric synthesizer
772. Ejecting a CD rom
773. Using a Bundy clock
774. Putting a plug into a powerpoint
775. Using your mouth or teeth or tongue
776. A frog
777. Using a pair of secateurs
778. Inserting or releasing a Soda Stream bottle
779. Wire strippers
780. Push open cupboards
781. Unlocking a barrel slide lock
782. A disposable camera
783. Riding on a flying fox
784. A spring on a trampoline
785. A cattle tagger
786. Reloading a gun or a pistol
787. Changing of a cartridge in a nappy bin
788. Closing the lid on the limited edition playstation one console
789. Taking off or putting on a rubber swimming cap
790. Money being disbursed from an ATM
791. Cracking open a walnut
792. Putting a cd into the side of a computer monitor
793. The fastening of a metal mesh watch band
794. Opening and closing a pool skimmer box
795. Surgical Staple Gun
796. Peeling off plastic security film on a mint/gum container
797. Rolling a rubber band off a bundle of newspapers/catalogues
798. Pump soap in the bathroom
799. A teledex machine
800. Using an old pot dial phone
801. A foot pedal bin
802. A glade sense and spray air freshener button pressed manually
803. A tension wrench
804. Vehicle going over metal speed hump
805. Pressing unlock on a car key remote
806. Using a portable gas lighter
807. A water bottle being squeezed and released
808. A bug catcher
809. Putting the coin in a shopping trolley to unlock
810. Changing a cash register receipt roll
811. Elevator door opening and closing
812. Removing a security tag from clothing
813. Opening and closing a cash register
814. Pushing a button in an elevator
815. Putting on a pair of flippers to go swimming
816. Taking off a security tag on an item of clothing
817. Pulling a ticket out and tearing off ticket to get a number in the queue at the deli
818. Opening the security exit doors at a supermarket
819. The click of a coat hanger
820. Opening a spring gate latch
821. Putting a coin in a shopping trolley
822. The window of a fast food drive through when it clicks, unlocks and slides open
823. Putting a paid for trolley back into a trolley bay - clicking it in and getting your money back
824. Putting a card in an eftpos machine
825. Putting a shopping trolley on an escalator when the wheels lock in
826. Putting the shopping basket back
827. Locking a shopping trolley and getting the coin back
828. R
etracting the handle on a shopping basket
829. The automatic gates at the supermarket registers
830. Removing a security tag
831. A price sticker gun
832. Old pricing gun that puts a sticker on a package
833. Ticket dispenser in a car park
834. Coffee machine locking on & off
835. Picking up a set of keys
836. Shopping basket lid closing together
837. A coin operated lollie or small toy dispenser
838. A security tag remover
839. The rotary cloth hand towels in shopping centre restrooms
840. Removing the plastic screw lid from a milk bottle
841. Photo booth in a shopping centre
842. Opening and closing the handles of a supermarket shopping basket
843. Pushing a toilet button down
844. Swiping a card thru' an eftpos machine
845. A security camera clicking
846. Opening a security box on a store bought dvd
847. Removing a security tag
848. Opening or closing the door on a toilet cubicle
849. Claw Machine
850. Trolley wheel getting stuck on gravel
851. Removing a token from an Aldi shopping trolley
852. Clicking a compass watch
853. A gum ball machine 
854. Using the coin operated mechanism on an Aldi trolley
855. Clicking in the seatbelt on a dodgem car
856. Breaking celery
857. Going through turnstile at ALDI in Westfield Tuggerah
858. An electric coffee grinder
859. An eye testing machine
860. Pressing the green button that opens the glass door to the parents retreat at a shopping centre
861. Removing the security tag from a bottle of wine at an ALDI checkout
862. An old price changer
863. Using a pair of smart glasses
864. Aldi shopping trolley coin return
865. Group handle into the group head of a coffee machine
866. Closing a commercial freezer door in an ALDI store
867. Opening louvre windows
868. Removing a security tag off a bottle of liquor at ALDI
869. Opening the plastic on a wine bottle lid

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