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2GO's Secret Sound

2GO's Secret Sound

Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

Think you know? 

We'll play it all week during Breakfast with Mandy & Akmal, thanks to our friends at Domayne West Gosford

Only you can discover the Domayne difference at Domayne West Gosford!


1. Cutting a package with a stanley knife
2. Ripping velcro 
3. Closing a pool gate
4. Pulling the lever on a petrol cap in the car 
5. Striking a match
6. Flicking through a notepad
7. Central locking in a car locking 
8. Locking a padlock 


1. Closing a hard cover book
2. A bat with a ball attached with elastic getting hit
3. Akmal playing his belly
4. A body massage
5. Shaking the petrol nozzle at a service station
6. A thigh slap
7. A tombola wheel spinning
8. Paint aerosol can 
9. Whisking eggs in a bowl
10. Someone hammering
11. A horse galloping 
12. Getting your back cupped at the end of a massage
13. Slapping on your thighs 
14. Banging your hands on the table
15. Flicking a pack of cards between your thumbs
16. A spoon in a cup going side to side
17. Tapping your hands on a table
18. Someone drumming their fingers on a leather office chair
19. A rolodex
20. The sound a balloon makes on a string when you punch it in the air
21. Paddle board with elastic and a ball
22. Stirring a cup of soup
23. Playing the drums on Akmal's head
24. Wood chimes in the wind
25. The Energizer bunny
26. Bouncing a rubber ball
27. Duck on a stick toy 
28. Akmal playing drums on his belly
29. Stamping an old ink pad
30. Chopping food on a chopping board
31. "Patty Cake, Patty Cake" A children's rhyme
32. Driving on a flat tyre 
33. Shaking a bottle of moisturiser trying to get the last bit
34. When the physio does percussion on the patients chest
35. A paddle board 
36. A horses hoof
37. An old fashioned sewing machine
38. Tapping on the steering wheel
39. Swiping a paintbrush along a paling fence
40. Thigh slapping
41. Giving someone a cuddle and smacking them on the back
42. A skateboard going down a footpath
43. Akmal patting his stomach with his hands
44. Shaking a premix pancake bottle
45. Clapper hands
46. Tapping your finger on cling wrap over a container 
47. A Tamberil percussion instrument 
48. Driving on a flat tyre
49. Clicking the end of a pen with your thumb
50. Shaking a plastic sauce bottle
51. Pushing the button to call a lift on an elevator
52. Karate chopping someone's back
53. Tapping a microphone
54. Closing a hard cover book
55. An electronic drum kit
56. Drumming on a steering wheel
57. Tapping the bottom of a plastic cup
58. Tapping a credit card between your finger
59. Tenderising meat
60. A protein shaker
61. Someone throwing pizza from hand to hand
62. Shaking an aerosol spray can
63. Bouncing a ball like a basketball
64. Pressing the button at a set of lights
65. Shaking a spray can of paint
66. Tapping on a plastic bucket
67. Drumming on a steering wheel
68. Tapping a styrofoam cup
69. Slapping the cover of a book back and forth
70. A wind up toy that walks along the desk
71. A flat tyre
72. Someone slapping their cheeks on their face
73. Slapping your back after a massage
74. Driving over the growlers on the freeway
75. Playing drums on your tummy
76. Playing the spoons on the palm of your hands
77. Flicking cash through your hand
78. Tapping on a microphone
79. Closing your front or rear door at home to check if the door is locked
80. Beating an egg to make an omelette in a plastic dish with a fork
81. Tapping on a plastic bin
82. A tapshoe
83. Tapping your hands on a steering wheel
84. Pushing xbox controller buttons
85. A dog tapping its paws on a deck
86. Someone punching boxing pads
87. Shaking a permanent marker before using it
88. Beating a cake mix
89. Popcorn cooking
90. Shaking a water bottle with ice in it
91. Toy car you pull back and wind up then let go
92. The dial tone on telephone handset 
93. Tapping your hands on a steering wheel
94. Slapping your shoes togother
95. Shaking dice in a plastic cup
96. Pumping a liquid hand dispenser
97. Tapping your hands on your thighs
98. Pressing a calculator 
99. Hammering a tack 
100. Flicking through pages in a book
101. A flag flapping in the wind
102. A spinning drum on a handle
103. The first drops of rain on a roof
104. Shaking a cup a soup sachet...
105. Jogging up a staircase with shoes on
106. Knocking on a window
107. Using your fingers on a laptop computer
108. Shaking a sample pot of paint
109. Somebody tap dancing
110. Tapping on a computer mouse
111. Pushing the fresh seal button down on a dolmio jar 
112. A wet dog shaking
113. Flicking a deck of cards
114. Newton's Cradle
115. Clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth
116. Hitting two foam pool noodles together
117. A retractable roller blind
118. Drumming on the corner of a leather lounge
119. Fumbling with your phone when you've pocket rung someone
120. Is it a speed punching bag
121. Tapping spoons on a box
122. Material flapping out a car window whilst driving
123. A pringle packet shaking side to side
124. Two coconut halves being clapped together
125. Someone typing on a keyboard
126. A cup of coffee from a barista being served
127. A rattle snakes tail
128. Is it an old fashioned keypunch machine
129. A deck of playing cards being dealt on a table
130. Dingbat
131. A wind up toy that hops across the table
132. Clapping your hands together
133. Beating your chest like Tarzan
134. Playing with Play Dough
135. Playing table tennis/ping pong
136. Rattling your fingers accross your desk & paper
137. A plunger going up and down
138. Slapping a watermelon
139. Shaking a torch and hearing the battery rattle inside
140. Flicking through CD's in a drawer
141. A dog lapping water quickly
142. A chocolate wheel
143. Tapping your hands on a hot water bottle
144. Squeezing a plastic bottle
145. Is it a Creepy Crawly cleaning the pool
146. Someone playing musical spoons
147. Setting the time on a digital alarm clock
148. Holding a computer mouse and clicking it really quickly 
149. Placing a pot onto a hot stove and the liquid getting caught under it
150. An out of balance washing machine
151. Someone getting a massage
152. Having your mouth open and slapping your cheeks 
153. Shaking tennis balls in a can
154. Flapping a plastic ring binder folder together
155. Taking a ring top off the top of a can, placing it in the can and shaking it around
156. Someone painting a wall to create a special effect and putting the paint brush back
157. It's a bottle being emptied with liquid coming out
158. A fidget cube
159. Someone driving over a bunch of speed bumps
160. Speed skipping a rope
161. Holding a clip board on your chest and tapping it
162. Mixing a paint tin
163. Popcorn popping
164. Holding your hands together and pumping your palms
165. A blinker when a globe's out and it blinks faster
166. A chocolate wheel
167. Adjusting the volume button on a steering wheel
168. Pressing the lock and unlock buttons in a car
169. Clicking a pen
170. Shaking ice in a drink bottle
171. A monkey drum
172. A dog wagging it's tail on the floor
173. Flicking a light switch on and off
174. Playing with plastic cups on a desk
175. A petrol siphon with a ball-bearing in it
176. A liquid soap pump
177. A BBQ lighter
178. Slapping a basketball
179. A poker machine
180. Patting a dog on its belly
181. Whipping cream with a spatula 
182. A money counting machine counting the notes
183. Changing the ribbon on an old typewriter
184. A tomahawk chopping wood
185. Akmal knocking on a change room door
186. Slapping a leather wallet together
187. Tapping on your street directory
188. Shaking a computer mouse
189. Someone being massaged
190. Flapping your hands in your legs
191. Someone running
192. People playing squash
193. A big rubber ball with elastic on it
194. Flicking the car indicator on & off 

195. Tapping on a remote control 

Congratulations to Marilyn Campbell of North Gosford (and her daughter Heidi) who correctly guessed “Tapping on a remote control ” taking away a whopping $13,000 thanks to Domayne West Gosford!

The Clues…and how did they relate?

“Change” = Change Channels
“Lost” = They always fall under the lounge etc
“Point” =Point at the TV
“Rubber” = They have rubber buttons
“Hand” = It places in your hand
“On and Off” = turns the TV on and off
“Tap” = tap to move between functions!


1. Stirring a cup of tea/coffee 
2. A prize wheel spinning
3. Wind up teeth toy
4. Something clicking along the spokes of a bike wheel
5. Shaking dice in a cup and throwing onto a game board
6. The balls shaking inside an aerosol can
7. Shaking a Wite-Out pen
8. Hand shaped party clappers
9. Spinning the wheel on an office chair
10. A CD stuck in a player
11. Mints in a jar 
12. Stirring a drink in a hard plastic cup
13. Sports shakers with the spring inside
14. Shaking a spray can
15. A kid's toy that you push along and it pops out
16. Putting dice into a cup and shaking it
17. Roulette wheel ball spinning 
18. A chocolate wheel spinning
19. The wheels of a shopping trolley
20. Lotto balls being dropped
21. Turning a pen upside down on a desk and clicking it on the bench
22. A sewing machine
23. Spokey Dokeys
24. Hand clappers you take to shows
25. Beating an egg
26. Antique monkey drumming
27. Two tic-tacs in a container
28. Sticking a pencil into a fan
29. An automatic card shuffling machine
30. Toy plastic teeth that chatter on the table
31. Shaking an aerosol spray can
32. Pressing down on the space bar of a keypad
33. Shaking a paint pen marker
34. Sliding through the minutes whilst setting an alarm on your phone
35. Shaking a container of tablets
36. Container you put herbs and marinades in then add a ball and shake it up
37. Popcorn being made
38. Dice in a container 
39. Running a stick along the top of a picket fence
40. Blinds flapping in the wind 
41. Wind up chattering teeth
42. Dice shaking
43. A door spring
44. Car tyre running over cats eyes on the road
45. A spinning drum
46. Press the button on a vacuum cleaner and the cord comes back in
47. The last tic tac in the packet
48. A stick with a drum with balls on the other side
49. Yahtzee dice
50. Somebody banging on a table with 2 pencils
51. When you are vacuuming and something gets stuck in the barrel 
52. Shaking up a can of paint
53. Shaking a liquid painter pen
54. A mighty bean
55. Balls in a bingo container you spin around
56. Wire ball in a protein shaker
57. A cup of coffee being stirred 
58. Shaking a pearl nail polish
59. A coin machine



1. A stapler
2. A pen clicking
3. Dropping a Tic Tac into a container
4. Coins being fed into a vending machine
5. Cracking a can open
6. A pencil being dropped and bouncing on the floor

7. Opening a ring pull on a can
8. The seatbelt being clicked in

9. A lock being opened
10. The clicking of a computer mouse
11. A hole puncher
12. Swiping a manual credit card machine

13. The needle of a record player going back to it's original position
14. Squeezing a can of soft drink
15. An old school gum ball machine
16. A jukebox
17. Dropping a raw egg onto another egg
18. Closing the lever on a ring binder folder
19. A camera shutter
20. A needle being placed on a vinyl record
21. Pushing down the buttons on a cassette player
22. Opening a door with a set of keys
23. Locking the home screen on your iPhone
24. A ball on a pendulum desk toy
25. A mousetrap
26. A potato scoop flicking potato out
27. A jaffle maker closing
28. Twisting the top and breaking the seal on long life milk
29. Clicking a pen
30. Retrieving your card at the ATM
31. Pulling out a staple with a staple jaw
32. An apple corer
33. Dynamo label maker
34. Flicking a key open on a car remote
35. A coin coming down into a coin return
36. Hole punch
37. Opening and closing a metal toy car door
38. Pushing & releasing the push pop dice on the board game 'Trouble'
39. Putting an old photo slide into a projector and sliding it across
40. A hose clicking onto the end of a tap
41. The arm of a record player
42. A coin being put into a shopping trolley
43. Popping a CD or tape out of it's case
44. Pulling sticky tape off a sticky tape dispenser
45. A stapler
46. Clicking a tape in
47. A ticket pricing gun
48. Opening & closing a car glovebox 
49. The ball dropping into a roulette wheel
50. A date stamp
51. A ink stamp, stamping a piece of paper
52. A photo locket being closed and put down
53. The latch closing on a metal gate
54. Dropping coins into a parking meter
55. Somebody using Wite-Out correction tape
56. Gas lighter that lights a gas stove
 Something being flicked on and off like a switch
58. Putting a coffee plug in a coffee machine
59. Pulling the top off a ring top can
60. Dragging something into the trash on a laptop
61. Changing the blade on hair clippers
62. Locking & checking the lock on the front door
63. Pressing the switch on & off button on your laptop
64. Placing a coat hanger on a rack
65. A safe with the cash in it
66. Pushing the button on a camera, the flash
67. Imprinter
68. Someone typing on a typewriter
69. A key opening a door
70. Putting a coin in a trolley
71. Opening the seal on a packet of pringles
72. The sound an iPhone makes when you take a screenshot
73. Taking a picture on a View-Master
74. A vision marker
75. Clicking in a seatbelt
76. A coffee pod capsule going through a Nespresso type coffee machine. Going in or being ejected.
77. Loading a cassette into a boombox and pushing play
78. Undoing a seatbelt 
79. The dice popper on the game trouble
80. A car key popping out of the car key
81. Opening and closing a letterbox 
82. Stapling paper
83. A security tag remover
84. Akmal chewing on a freckle 
85. When you press the pause button on the front loading washing machine and it releases the door
86. Is it a light switch turning On or Off?
87. An old ashtray with a button you used to push and it spun around
88. Turning on a cars indicator
89. Putting dentures in a glass of water before you goto bed
90. Clicking the lever on a view-finder
91. Closing the metal binder on a folder
92. Validating a parking ticket
93. A metal spoon being dropped onto a wooden chopping board
94. A coin dropping into the slot on a public phone box
95. A toasted sandwich maker being closed with the safety clip...
96. A battery being inserted into something like a remote control
97. A cassette going into the cassette player
98. A spinning top hitting a table and then bouncing off onto a wall
99. A pair of glasses being put down onto a hard surface
100. A 'Connect Four'
101. A folding chair
102. Putting money into a lolly machine.
103. A vehicle pulling over a speed bump.
104. The little stamp machine that stamps your parcel at the post office.
105. Locking a deadbolt on a door
106. Opening or closing a horse barrier before they start to race
107. Dropping a coin
108. A 'View Master' view finder
109. A pinball machine
110. A newtons cradle
111. Shutter going off in an older style camera
112. A retractable self-inking stamp
113. Pushing down on the lever of a door
114. A foil cutting container
115. A label maker cutting a label
116. Sliding the bolt back in the chamber of a gun when you put a bullet in
117. Unclicking or clicking a seat belt
118. Pulling out a tape measure and retracting it
119. Clicking a computer key
120. A microwave door closing 
121. Tape being pulled out of a dispenser
122. Changing the date on an old school calendar
123. The agitator in a washing machine
124. The game KerPlunk
125. Surveyors field light taking an image or measurement 
126. The lotto numbers dropping down the slot
127. A Miele washing machine finishing washing and you open the lid
128. Folding up your sunglasses

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